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Mathematische Vignetten (neue mathematische Gedichte)

Mathematische Seitensprünge - Ein unbeschwerter Ausflug in das Wunderland zwischen Mathematik und Literatur

Vieweg-Verlag, 2007, sofort lieferbar, 184 Seiten, EUR 24,90 (D), EUR 25,60 (A).

Im Lehrmittelzentrum (Fric - Technische Fachbuchhandlung), 1040 Wien, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 13, erhätlich.

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Die "Mathematischen Seitensprünge" sind als Ausflug in das Wunderland zwischen Mathematik und Literatur angelegt. Von den Modellen zur Geometrie der Hölle (Dantes "Divina Commedia" ), über Petrarcas Systematik des "Canzoniere" , der Mathematik der Teufelswette (Goethes "Faust") bis zu den spieltheoretischen Mustern der Mythologie und der mathematischen Verdichtung literarischer Motive spannt sich der Bogen dieser populärwissenschaftlichen Einführung in die poetische Mathematik. Die im vorliegenden Band gesammelten Seitensprünge verwenden aus diesem Grunde auch unterschiedliche Stilmittel und Varianten, um literarische Motive aus dem Blickwinkel der Mathematik zu betrachten und sich andererseits auch auf poetischen Pfaden der Faszination Mathematik zu nähern.

The book "Mathematische Seitensprünge - Mathematical Escapades" offers an appealing, playful and light-hearted excursion to the wonderland between mathematics and literature. Readers are guided from the geometry of hell (Dantes La Divina Commedia), by way of a mathematical "tongue-in-cheek" route to the legend of Faust, as well as to some mathematical facets of Greek mythology. Apocryphal stories, short and long poems and mathematical thoughts generate an intriguing look at literature through the lens of mathematics, bringing the mathematics into poetical focus at the same time.

The Game's Afoot! Game Theory in Myth and Paradox

An AMS - American Mathematical Society publication.

ISSN 1520-9121

ISBN 0-8218-2121-0

Paging: 159 pp.

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It all started with von Neumann and Morgenstern half a century ago. Their "Theory of Games and Economic Behavior" gave birth to a whole new area of mathematics concerned with the formal problems of rational decision as experienced by multiple agents. Now, game theory is all around us, making its way even into regular conversations. In the present book, Mehlmann presents mathematical foundations and concepts illustrated via social quandaries, mock political battles, evolutionary confrontations, economic struggles, and literary conflict. Most of the standard models--the prisoners' dilemma, the arms race, evolution, duels, the game of chicken, etc.--are here. Many non-standard examples are also here: the Legend of Faust, shootouts in the movies, the Madness of Odysseus, to name a few. (From the description on the AMS-Site)

Differential games published by Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers

Applied Differential Games

(Illustration from Arthur`s Teacher Trouble copyright © 1993 Living Books and Marc Brown. All rights reserved. Arthur is a registered trademark of Marc Brown.)

  • optimal bloodsucking strategies for vampires

    (Warriors at Troy. copyright © ERICH LESSING Culture and Fine Arts Archives. All rights reserved.)

  • a rational prelude to the Trojan war
  • the game theoretic case of Richard III and the princes in the tower
  • a really mad review of Fudenberg and Tirole's GAME THEORY

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